ISAIAH Lessons

Introducing Isaiah: Prophet of Hope

Chapter 35 captures the essence of Isaiah’s great work, and that chapter forms the focus of this four-session study.

  • Session One – A Capsule Version of Isaiah – Chapter 35
  • Session Two – The Desert Blooms
  • Session Three – God’s Renewal
  • Session Four – The Way of Wholeness

This study is based on one developed by The Rev. Victor Albers, Program Consultant to LBM.

Participant material may be downloaded and reproduced locally. There are about two-pages per session. Leader material is also downloadable


Date Leader Guide Participant Guide
ISAIAH Session 1

ISAIAH Session 1, LG.doc

ISAIAH Session 1, PG.doc

ISAIAH Session 2

ISAIAH Session 2, LG.doc

ISAIAH Session 2, PG.doc

ISAIAH Session 3

ISAIAH Session 3, LG.doc

ISAIAH Session 3, PG.doc

ISAIAH Session 4

ISAIAH Session 4, LG.doc

ISAIAH Session 4, PG.doc

Get everything in one zipped ISAIAH fileIncludes all leader and participant guides.  (Saves download time but you'll need Winzip to unzip the files.)

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