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Keep checking this site for new tape offerings. They can be used with discussion groups, or played while driving.

To order, send a check to LBM Tapes, 319 Jasper Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406-1727. Prices quoted include postage and handling.

Dr. Donald Juel

Professor of New Testament Theology, Princeton Seminary.

Dr. Juel delivered the 2000 biblical lectures sponsored by LBM.

"What’s Happened to History?" Dr. Juel critiques the historical-critical method that has long dominated biblical studies. Originally thought to be the path toward agreement on biblical issues, it has not fulfilled its promise. The emerging approach is to take the text at face value as it is and explore it within the community.

"Reading the Bible in the Company of Strangers" The current religious scene is very diverse within our country. Worldwide, Christianity is rapidly becoming a third World faith. Reading Scripture in company with folks of other traditions, other socio-economic classes, and other nationalities can open our eyes to fresh, enriching understandings of the Bible.

Two tapes. $7.50 each, $15.00 for both.

Dr. Margaret Krych

Dr. Krych is professor of Christian Education and Theology at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.

"Lifelong Learning for Christians" Addressing an adult forum at a large and active Lutheran congregation, Dr. Krych underlined the essential need for Christians to continue biblical and theological study all their lives. She draws many insights from Luther and gives practical and inspired suggestions for ways to develop not just one but several adult study groups.

One tape. $7.50.



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